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  • 12 Costly Retirement Mistakes to Avoid
    Most of us look forward to retirement imagining that we ll get to relax more and do lots of things that we haven t had sufficient time for such as traveling reading and exercising How pleasant and secure our retirements are depends to a great deal on how well we prepare and on
  • The Best Airline Stock to Own if Fuel Prices Stay High
    Entering 2018 airlines expected to face significant profit headwinds from higher fuel costs after oil prices soared nearly 50 in the second half of 2017 Unfortunately oil prices have continued to move higher in 2018 particularly since March This has already forced
  • Two-Thirds of Retirees Rely Too Heavily on Social Security. Don't Be One of Them
    While it s not a pleasant thought many Americans are not prepared for retirement In fact 46 of baby boomers have nothing at all saved for retirement according to a study from the Insured Retirement Institute Despite so many soon to be retirees falling short on their savings
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