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  • ASIA ECONOMICS: China Shares Rally as Trade Talks Continue
    The Shanghai Composite index climbed 52 points or 1 9 to 2 804 Friday ahead of the conclusion of U S China trade talks in Washington with media reports suggesting that Chinese Vice Premier Liu He will meet U S President Trump later in the day said Trading Economics Gains came in
  • Market Chatter: Nigeria Compels Oil Majors to Pay Billions in Back Taxes
    Nigeria s central government has ordered several foreign oil majors to pay nearly 20 billion in taxes it says are owed to local states where they conducted their hydrocarbon operations Reuters reported Nigeria s central government has ordered several foreign oil majors to pay nearly 20
  • Warren Buffett and the Insurance Business: A 52-Year Love Story
    On Feb 22 2019 it will be 52 years to the day since Warren Buffett took his first serious dive into the insurance business when Berkshire Hathaway NYSE BRK A NYSE BRK B entered into an agreement to acquire National Indemnity Company and another smaller insurer for 8
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