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  • Will Powell Be Cautious?
    Market Drivers July 17, 2018 Kiwi explodes after inflation at 7 year high Market eyes Powell testimony Nikkei 0.44% Dax 0.18% Oil $68/bbl Gold $1244/oz. Bitcoin $6700 Europe and Asia: GBP UK Labor Data 2.5% vs. 2.5% North America USD Fed Chair Powell 10:00 It's been a very quiet night of trade in FX
  • Dollar on Back Foot Ahead of Powell
    The US dollar eased in Asia session and the European morning.  The greenback had appeared technically vulnerable, and the economic news stream is light.   The UK employment data were in line with expectations.   The unemployment rate was steady at 4.2% in May, and the average weekly earnings rose 2.5%.   The
  • Financial Sector Update for 07/17/2018: BMO.TO, BNS.TO, CM.TO, NA.TO, TD.TO, RY.TO
    Moody s Investors Service said Monday it has taken various rating actions on the deposits long term debt and Counterparty Risk Assessments CRAs of The Toronto Dominion Bank TD TO Bank of Montreal BMO TO Bank of Nova Scotia BNS TO Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce CM TO Royal Bank
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