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Welcome to the  Pan Pasific Holdings, that has shown its dynamic growth throughout its history, and has risen to become one of Indonesia's most innovative in global markets business.

Since 60's  Pan Pasific Holdings intially deal in manufacturing of industrial batteries, and utilizing international expertise and technology operated by highly experienced local and international staffs to give the best products to our customers and have maintained healthy growth since.

We do not stop there, alongwith presenting new opportunities, in 70's our group involves and leads in many successful business deals, inculding sands exvacation, building materials, housing developing, export-import, plywood and woodworking in a variety of markets worldwide with our excellent quality, and also in financial markets business with first-class services.

As an appointed strong holding company for several potential customers, we uphold an outstanding reputation, and with strong capibilities matched with high standards of professionalism, we aim to be trusted as the one of top corporate in many our business dealings, inculding in our financial markets business, because for us, trust in the main essential of any business transaction.

Then come in 80's,  Pan Pasific Holdings, as a leading provider of financial markets, has taken concrete steps even during the diffcult time to mantain sustainable growth.

 Pan Pasific Holdings has been consistenly recognized for its ability to deliver a comprehensive range of product solution, and we are proud our holdings has positioned herself well to repond flexibly and creatively.

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